Pimpology 101

Hello, LRA readers! It is I, your humble Anton. You may know me from such books as Dead To Me, Deader Still, and Dead Matter, the first three books of the Simon Canderous urban fantasy series. You may also know me as the guy in the bar at the fantasy convention who borrowed five bucks from you, bought himself a drink, then ran off before paying you back. For that, I'd just like to say I'm truly.. hey, look! What is that?! *runs off*

Well, guess what? It's that time of year again. The fourth book in the series is out! See the shiny cover? If you order now, I'll send you the thumb for free!

Actually, I may hold onto my thumb. It really helps with the space bar, and if I'm going to keep on writing, I'm going to need that damned thing.

And you know what? If I want to keep writing, I need to keep getting the word out there about the books.

However, talking about the new book here is a bit like preaching to the choir. I love you all and the support you give, but the League is sort of the safe place, you know? And not just because of the new security system we had installed in the Clubhouse after that 40-year old guy showed up dressed as one of Richelle's teen fangers from Vampire Academy (turned out it was actually Mark Henry).

So here's what I am asking of you, our fine League or Reluctant Adults Army (Adulterers, perhaps?)... spread the word to the unwashed masses out there who may not know of not only my books, but the rest of the League as well (but me first, as Dead Waters is on sale this week.. call me selfish!)

I thank you, and my cats thank you. Think of teh kittehs!


Tez Miller said…
Go on, CatMan - show us your kittehs ;-)
Oh Noes
Not teh kittehs!

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