Confessions and Big Frikkin' Lizards!

Hi, folk! I guess this is my first REAL post here at the League. I’ve been mostly quiet up til now, ’cause I’m hoping that if I don’t make any sudden moves, the League-ers will forget to haze me. (their vision is based on motion, you know)

So I thought I’d start off my time here with a small confession. Nothing major, nothing earth shattering in any way. Ease my way into things.

So here we go.

I want to write something about komodo dragons. There. I said it.

See, I was watching this special on them, the other day (The joys of having cable for the first time in all my thirty-four years. First thing I do is watch nature documentaries, and RuPaul’s Drag Race.). And suddenly, they (komodo dragons, not to be confused with drag queens) were fascinating (Not that drag queens aren’t fascinating. You know what I meant.)! Did you know that komodo dragons actually highly intelligent, and capable of reasoning and planning? The special I watched said they were “the primates of the lizard world”.

And suddenly, I thought, oh wow! How can I work THAT into a story??? More specifically, how can I work that into an urban fantasy story? And not just some hero walking through a zoo saying, “oh hey, look at that komodo dragon.” C’mon, you know what I mean. Something COOL! And put in ninjas, and sharks with lazurs on their heads! (or something)

Realize that most of what I’ve written above actually came out of my mouth to my very amused (and preternaturally patient) loving hubby. He’s used to me doing this, you see. Something catches my eye, no matter how fleeting or infinitesimal, and my brain makes these leaps of “ooh, hey, what if?” and “oh, it’d be so cool if!” I’m an easily distracted, sugar-high squirrel, chasing a laser pointer.

So I wind up babbling at him for an hour about how to make magic-using komodo dragons (’cause shape-shifting ones are so last year?), or how they’d communicate, and for Pete’s sake, what would they be DOING in a city in the first place?

Needless to say, the komodo dragon idea never got off the ground, probably for the better of all mankind. Some ideas just aren’t mean to grow to fruition. Perhaps it means I’ve grown older and wiser, that I can recognize a colossally bad idea when my husband points it out to me three or four times. (doesn’t mean I wouldn’t write it, if I could just figure it out)

So I’m wondering, what’s the worst writing idea you’ve ever had? Did you go ahead and write it anyway?


Kevin Hearne said…
I wrote about an afterlife dream sequence in which my Junior High principal played the role of the Ferryman, but instead of sending me to my eternal reward or damnation, he gave me a Certificate of Participation and left me in a beige place with all the other people with Certificates. It was Existential Horror.
Kat Richardson said…
OH Yay! Komodo Dragons! I actually own this:
It is cool! but much smaller than a regular komodo dragon. But it did once bite Dave Bara!

Welcome to the family!
Mario said…
My worst idea ever was a career as a discount gigolo.
K.A. Stewart said…
But you went right ahead and did it, didn't you Mario? ;)

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