In Which Jackie Posts Videos

I'm in writing hell at the moment; my current WIP is giving me a case of hives--which, I suppose, is appropriate, considering that I'm writing about the Horseman of Pestilence. Still. Grrr. So I'm going to take out my frustration by kicking through a board.

Well, point of clarification: I've previously kicked through the board when I was testing for my advanced green belt in tae kwon do. Tax Deduction the Elder recorded it. And so, I'm going to post it here for your viewing pleasure. I've been taking tae kwon do for a little more than a year. This is part of my training to be an urban fantasy heroine. Really. Can't you see me whipping off my glasses and standing on my tippy toes to kick someone in the shin? All I need now is some spiffy magic ability--which, frankly, could be the ability to wear leather pants A) without pantylines and B) with full range of motion--and then I'd be set.

So: me, kicking through a board:

(Hmm. Just tried to view on preview, and it didn't show up. So, here is a back-up video of me smashing a board with my hand, courtesy of my TKD instructor.)

See that? Training to be a badass!

Okay, yeah, I'm going crazy with my WIP. I'm on the 18th version of the draft. Yes, that's right. Eighteen. That's just wrong. And this is after weeks of not being able to move forward with any version of the draft. I know from experience that for me, when I hit writer's block, it's because I've taken the story in the wrong direction. Which is dandy, but what to do when you don't know which direction to take it?

Sigh. I'm thisclose to blowing stuff up in a spectacular explosion. Or maybe just include penguins. You can't go wrong with penguins. (What? I learned that from The Muppet Show.)

Maybe I should make my WIP a Hawaiian musical. With penguins.

Clearly, I'm at the end of my rope. So I figure it's time for something drastic. So I should...

A) Give the protagonist amnesia!
B) Send the protagonist back in time!
C) Have the protagonist meet Someone Famous!
D) All of the above!

I think I'll go with option D. Who knows? Maybe it will work.

Unless someone has A Better Option...?

Really. I'm open to suggestions.


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