The Day After Valentine's Day . . .

Is just another day . . . or so you might think.

Only it's not!

Because it's the day Jaye Wells and I start back up at Babel Clash! We'll be snarking and pontificating for two whole weeks, people! It's madness!

So to inaugurate what will be a fortnight of Jaye and I twisting everything you once held sacred, and in honor of Valentine's day yesterday, I thought I'd give you one of my favorite twisted love songs:

It's the Bravery with Hatefuck. Ohhhhhhh yeah . . .

And if you're like, "Who the hell are you, Nicole Peeler? No one's been blogging on this site for so long, I don't even remember any of you bitches," fear not!

You can find out who I am here.

And next month, over at my publisher's, you can download my first book, Tempest Rising, for only $2.99. I'll post updates on my website, but my very own Orbital Drop should start March 1st.

Let me and my publishers know what you think of this idea. Are you more likely to try a new series if the first book is super cheap?

Thanks for visiting, thanks for commenting, and thanks for being YOU. *snuggles*


Jaye Wells said…
I think we all need a group hug after watching that video.
Mario Acevedo said…
I thought I was the only one with coils of rope in my nightstand.
Nicole Peeler said…
Jaye: You just want an opportunity to GROPE!

Mario: Rockstars do it TOO!

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