Drugs & Writers

First thing is first. Drugs are bad... just say no!

Now that that's over, I was on a lot of drugs this week. Morphine, for the most part.

It's not as exciting as it sounds. Was in the hospital having a jaw infection dealt with.. good times, good times, but the drugs were amazing. But I have to say... the writing mind and drugs can produce some... interesting.. stuff. We're not talking Jim Morrison Doors of Perception type stuff.. we're talking bad stuff. That's what I get for writing paranormal, huh?

Two memories... one was an entire segment where anything I thought of turned to zombies, which is normally a giggly thing for me, but under the influence they were all terrifying. Pack of pens? Turned to zombies. Veggie Tales pirate personified vegetables? Turned to zombies. All haunting.

Also, there was this .. thing in one of my hallucinations. It started out looking like an early version of Bugs Bunny and slowly morphed into this creature I found terrifying. It's face was like of one those baby face masks from the movie Brazil and it's body was somewhat like the Chesire Cat. Except it's body was all plaid. And in the light of day, not terrifying at all, but man at the time, it gave me the willies.

What monsters haunt your brains?


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