Friday, July 4, 2008

If we took a holiday...

Hello, my pretties!

I was tempted to use Independence Day as an excuse to declare freedom from blogging for a day. Alas, I could not, for I actually have a topic today.

For our U.S. readers, today is a holiday that marks a big occassion in the history of our country. It celebrates the day America first discovered fire crackers. Or beer.* I can't remember exactly. However, for people in other countries its just another Friday.

And that got me thinking about writing, or more specifically, world building. A well-built world--even when set within our own-- will include things like religion, government, cultural traditions, and, yes, even holidays.

Even if the race you're writing about doesn't have their own holidays, they'll at least have opinions about the ones happening around them. For example, what would a vampire think of Christmas? Or a werewolf think of Halloween (they already have a costume)?

Just some food for thought. What made up holidays can you think of for paranormal creatures?

I'll start. Mummy's Day.

*Seriously, don't send me angry emails. I know what the holiday celebrates. Obviously, it's the day we chose to honor Bastille Day.

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