Inspiration is not a lengthy visitor

Before Dead To Me and then untitled book two in the series sold in March 2007, I was working on a book. It was not a genre book. It was a book about a punk band trying to reclaim a bit of its past glory. I loved this book, it is a project close to my heart, but sadly, it had to be put aside as I wrote book two and started multiple rounds of edits on Dead To Me. Every so often I think of said book, wonder where it was going at about 300 pages in, and realize I simply don't have the time to get back to it right now. Also? I have no idea where it was going. Had a lot of great vignettes, but I can't find the connective tissue of the book, so even if I had the time, I would have had to figure all that out first.

Cut to yesterday. First there was having one of the Clerks actors bag my comics at my first visit to Kevin Smith's Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash, followed by a concert be one of my favorite bands that broke up four years ago- the Mighty, Mighty Bosstones. I think it would be fair to say that some of my band book has been inspired by their career.

So the start singing this one song of theirs HOW WHY WUZ HOW WHY AM and they get to one line I've heard a billion times and it hits me. That's the crux of my book! I have a much better idea of how the band book has to go.

But now my two book contract is now a four book urban fantasy contract and sadly, I still have not the time to write the band one, but if I know my brain, the stewing over it will eventually bear some form of fruit. Or you all could rush out and buy so many copies of Dead To Me that I can quit my day job and write full time so I can get to it.

Where have your strangest inspirations come from when writing?


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