Woe Is Me. Blah. Blah. Blah.

A quick apology for that bullshit post. I am happy to report that I got off my fat ass and made some decent progress. That said, it's still my blog day and I think I'll make it up.

Some news...

Our very own sassy blonde, Stacia Kane, is getting worked over at the Barnes and Noble Paranormal Book Club. If you haven't yet, go on over, sign up and give her hell.

Anton's Simonverse story is in the new anthology The Dimension Next Door. Click on the book cover on the left.

While you're spending your hard-earned gas money, Jaye's story is so very Weirdly. You can pick up that e-book, too.


Let's figure out what we're going to read.


Book Club Noms!


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