Procrastinate Like A Pro!

So, for my first official blog as a Leaguer, I thought I'd talk about procrastination. Serious procrastination. The kind that comes from deadlines, revisions letters, and that sinking should-be-working-on-that-now feeling. I got the revisions letter for ReVamped from my editor at Pocket a couple of days ago and I've got six weeks or so in which to get the changes made- and only two big conventions in that time. So what am I doing? Procrastinating, of course.

10) Change all the light bulbs in your house. Brighter, isn't it?
9) Decoupage the bathrooms in comic-book du jour.
8) Take out the trash, do the dishes, cut the lawn, and water your wife's petunias.
7) Take your kids to see a movie... Wall-E, Kung-Fu Panda, Indy 4... maybe all three.
6) Brush the dog until no more fur comes off. Knit the fur balls into Tribbles.
5) Lie down on the floor of your office for a good think. (Pillows and sleeping bag optional.)
4) Write a few short stories. Actually submit them to magazines.
3) Build something with your kids... like a new desk. Use Legos.
2) Research. Surely there's something on the internet that will help with those revisions...
1) Catch up on all your blogs. Volunteer to guest blog. Write blogs for indeterminate dates in the distant future.

Have a favorite way to procrastinate? Help me list at least 40... I've got a lot more procrastinating to do!


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