My big exciting weekend


You know, I've had dozens of thoughts lately about stuff I should blog. Because I'm not actively blogging at the moment, I'm doing my little sex workshop, so all my random thoughts and ditherings have been totally unrecorded. And every time I've had one of those ideas, I've thought, "Ooh! I'll blog about that at the League!"

But of course I've failed to write them down. So I got nothing.

And I'm slowly starting work on a new project, which I hope will be good and fun and all that stuff. It's got dead people in it. And ancient artefacts. And scars. And violent sex. So I'm pretty pleased with the idea, all in all. Now I just have to get working on it.

At least I have my laptop back. I've been having problems with it lately. It keeps shutting off on me. So finally on Friday, when it refused to stay on for more than twenty minutes and refused to come back on, we took it to the shop. Turns out, the fan was stuck because the laptop was full of what the tech described, in what I believe is highly incomprehensible computer language, as "gunky crap." So he used an air gun or something to blow out all the gunky crap, and voila. My laptop works again, which makes me very happy.

Also I rode a horse this weekend.

I haven't ridden a horse since I was twelve. See, I used to be horse-crazy. And so when I was twelve I actually rejoined Girl Scouts so I could go to their camp and ride horses. But the horse they gave me hated me. And the feeling was mutual. And all the other horses hated her too, which is why, one day when we were riding in a little circle, the horse in front of her kicked her, and she responded by spinning around and going into full-on bucking bronco mode. With me still on her.

I got back on, of course. And it happened again.

So they gave me a different horse, the one who kicked mine to begin with. Any guesses as to what happened next? Yep. It was like they were in a prison fight.

And that was it for me.

But, see, some friends of the hubs's from work own some horses. So we went to visit them. The girls rode their pony, and I rode one of the horse. And it was pretty cool, actually.
(I want to make mention of something, aside from the little helmet which makes me look like I should be laying mines in anticipation of the Hun's troops. Those odd little bulges above the waistline? Are from my shirt. That is not tummy overhang.)

And that was pretty cool. I remembered what I was doing, for the most part, which I liked. And I wasn't scared.

And that was basically it. It was a fairly slow weekend all around. The Mid-Devon Show took place, which was cool because for some reason people actually wanted to go stand in a field and look at livestock in the sweltering heat all weekend. I have no idea why. People the hubs works with tried really hard to encourage us to go, but they couldn't tell us why. They just said we should. I think it was so we could be the human sacrifices ala The Wicker Man. Because, really, I know there's very, very little to do or see in this drab, dull, hellish wasteland of boredom idyllic, untouched countryside, but standing in the sun all day watching cows being milked is just not my idea of a good time.

How about you? Horse riding? Livestock? Country or city?


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