Eat my delicious meat

No, I haven't turned the League clubhouse into a porn studio... yet.

Instead, I'm talking about my Fourth of July weekend.

Very little writing done, but there was much consuming of malt liquor, microbrews, vegetarian appetizers, burgers, hot sausage, and a fourteen hour, slow smoked pork shoulder. Deeeelicious!

But the best of it truly was the fact that we were visiting friends in Philly and if yer gonna throw down for independence and fireworks, it's the place to be. When the fireworks started, we ran up to our friends roof deck, overlooking old world looking Philly and I got a little misty. That may have been the rain or (plug) the fact that I did a lot of reading on Ben Franklin recently for The Fourteenth Virtue in The Dimension Next Door on-sale now (/end plug). Either way, it was a good time and left me wondering if I could pull off that historical urban fantasy novel I've been jonesing to do...

In other news, don't forget to start DVRing I LOVE MONEY on VH-1. I loves me a good trainwreck.


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