Is it okay if my dog eats yours...?

We were driving home the other night when I noticed a man walking a little dog. I don't know what kind of dog it was, but it was tiny, furry... one of those dogs that sounds like an Ewok when they make their little growling noises. A Pomeranian, maybe? So I asked my wife, "What kind of dog is that?" Her answer: a Breakfast Dog.


Apparently *I* made up the term as a descriptor for any dog small enough that it might be eaten by our family Akita while she was out checking her pee-mail. I plead the fifth. Regardless, it struck me as funny largely because I'm working on the revisions for my second Void City book and one of the new characters would have certainly thought the same thing about a dog that size.

In any case, when we met back up with the Friday Night Group at the house, I did a quick survey for animal nicknames... For little dogs, there were plenty. Snack Dogs, Arfie Dogs, Yip Dogs, and of course, the universal... wiener dog. One friend even calls Chihuahuas 'Land Piranha'. Cats bore such names as Great American Fur Bearing Slugs, snats (snail cats)... Armadillos are possum on the half shell... Possums are rats on steroids... Squirrels became tree rats... And perhaps most embarrassingly, cows have been known to some of my friends as Tippers. It goes on and on.

I'd like to believe that my friends are not the weirdest bunch on the planet and surely this is not just a Southern thing. So fess up, what are some weird nicknames you have for animals?


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