Brooklyn, Hitchcock-Style

Loving Husband, the Tax Deductions and I were in Brooklyn this weekend, visiting my FIL. Tax Deduction the Elder went to his first-ever baseball game (go Yankees!) and Tax Deduction the Younger went to the Central Park Zoo. Yay, real life!

And then, Loving Husband told me about the surreal. He was loading up the car this evening, about 10 minutes before we said our fare thee wells...and a wall of birds swarmed him. Really.

Here's the thing: we walked out and saw a cat hauling ass toward him, then veer off to the yard and squeeze under the porch. A second later, about 40 sparrows rocket toward the cat and break away at the last second, apparently realizing they can't follow the cat. They all sat on the yard's fence, bird-chirping angrily. Loving Husband stared at them for a moment, then decided that he still had to pack the car, so he left the birds to jabber in avian while he put our bags and stuff into the Honda.

So the question remains: what were the 40 sparrows really talking about?

(A) How well their audition went for THE BIRDS 2: SON OF SPARROWS
(B) How it was time for them to rise up in an avian revolution and take over the world
(C) How the birdy steroids were worth all the money
(D) Something else: ___________

What do you think?


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