Saturday, August 2, 2008

My iPod Ate My Homework

While I'd love to drop some "wisdom of the ages" on everyone and reveal some hidden new secret skill that I've discovered while editing my current novel... I got nothin'.

I do have a question though. During the last revision, I listened to an awful lot of angry guy music when I was editing Eric (my male cotagonist) and plenty of angsty gal music while I was editing Tabitha (my female cotagonist).

This time around, it's been instrumental music. When revising a fight scene (or adding one) I've listened to tracks like "The Hot Gates" or "To Victory" from the 300 soundtrack, the orchestral version of Nightwish's "Master Passion Greed", or even "The Call of The Ktulu" from The Symphony & Metallica cd... (Don't get me started on why Metallica can't spell Cthulhu...)

Scenes that needed emotional revelation have been written to "Memories of Green" from the Blad Runner soundtrack. The only word intensive songs that have gotten play are (and I cringe a little when I type this) "Fever for the Flava" by Hot Action Cop, Mickey Smiley's "Magic", and Sugar Ray's cover of "Abracadabra", and a rather dated track by 2 Live Crew... all for scenes involving Rachel's sex magic.

I've been listening to my iPod while reading lately, too.

Shortly after beginning Liz William's first Detective Inspector Chen novel, Snake Agent, I built a playlist for that series involving lots of Vangelis (China, The Mask, The City, and Blade Runner) and Jean Michelle Jarre (Hong Kong).

So here's the question: How does music impact your reading and/or writing? Do you listen to a little? Lots? Instrumental? Vocals? Loud? Soft? Hard? Fast? If you don't listen to it while doing those activities... What are you doing when you *do* listen to music?

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