What's this? A Book?

Jackie can't share her sparkling wittitudes today, 'cuz she's a superstar jetsetter. So I'm popping in to pimp her shit out!

So...it's Sunday and your skulking through the internets looking for fun, a laugh, some entertainment. I don't blame you. Up until a few minutes ago I was doing the same thing. But, after I threw the tissue away, I was up for something completely different.

Something hotter.


That's right kids. Jackie's back with another elicit installment of her Hell On Earth series. This time, the incubus Daunuan is up front and personal and making with the sexy. Business as usual until his target turns out to be resistant to his...ahem...charms.

I've given you all you need. I can't hold your hand through these kinds of decisions, but you'd definitely improve your weekend with a trip to the store or a clicky here.

I'm just sayin.


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