I want to believe

One of the questions I get asked as a writer of ghostful works is: Do I believe? Or rather, do I believe in the stuff I write.

And my answer is I want to believe. I've never seen or experienced the paranormal, personally, but that doesn't mean I'm not open to such experience. Overall, I'm more Scully than Mulder, but my dark heart desperately wants to be a Fox Mulder. Cuz man, the paranormal really makes our world a whole lot more interesting, doesn't it?

Now my parents swore our first house was haunted, and I have a vague memory of toys flying around, but that could actually be a false memory of an overactive childhood imagination or a scene from Poltergeist I'm remembering.

So not that I'll believe any of you, but I'd love to hear your personal experiences with the paranormal...


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