Spank it

I know what you're thinking. Obviously Jeremy is posting about oddly phrased help desk advice. And you're close. This week, the Lewis household wound up with a copy of Mario Kart for the Wii. There are four of us. Four people can play Mario Kart. You can even race in teams which is great because my oldest is a bit too competitive for his own good and being able to race as "Team Lewis" means that when Dad or Mom comes in ahead of the little guys, there are no complaints like there are when the same thing happens in Mario Party 8.

But what does that have to do with spanking it?

Heh. We sat down with our Wii Wheels at the ready for the first full family game of Mario Kart and... Wiimote number four wouldn't synch with the game system. Now I *did* find info on the web about how to fix it (apparently the Wiimote had "lost it's synch" and needed to be resynched so that it could "remember that it belonged to our console"), but what I stumbled onto first was the remedy for fixing a Wiimote that won't detect motion. The official advice from Nintendo? Spank it. Grasp it tightly in one hand and gently, but firmly spank the end.


There seems to be no small amount of amusement amongst the Wii community at this advice and even more bemusement that the advice actually seems to fix the problem 99% of the time.

For me, in terms of shear hilarity, this one ranks up there with the instruction label on a Japanese food processor that warned consumers the device was: "Not to be used for the other use."

So what's the most unintentionally funny bit of advice or bizarre warning you've received either when troubleshooting a problem or reading the instructions on a new gadget?

While you think of something... I'll go play with my Wii*.

* - You know, even if you rephrase that and say, "I'll go play Wii," it still sounds funny. Maybe it would be better we stuck to the phrase: "Playing Nintendo." Sure it lacks specificity, but I think I live with that.


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