Friday, August 1, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot

Edited to add asterisks.

Some people have asked me to elaborate on the concept of "author hot." But I'm afraid I only expound on this groundbreaking theory when heavily liquored. So if you're ever at a con, buy me a beer and I'll tell you.

What I am willing to discuss is the fact the urban fantasy is filled with genuinely good-looking authors.

Now, before I go into this, I should clarify that I am opposed to allowing the way someone looks to qualify their worth--especially women. So don't send me hate mail about how I'm demeaning women. First, I am one, and I've dealt with my share of being judged on things other than the size of my brain. Second, if you're offended it's probably because you're not very good-looking.*

That said, have you checked out the hotties of urban fantasy lately? At Conestoga, I was amazed at how many truly good-looking people sat on panels. I won't name names so as not to embarrass anyone. But, hell, even here at the League we have a bunch of WILFs.**

I'm not saying other genre authors aren't attractive. But it seems that as a percentage, UF has way more eye candy.

Has anyone else noticed this?

*If anything I ever say ever offends you, I was just kidding. Seriously. You probably have a great personality.
**Writers I'd Like to ... um, Fraternize

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