Don't you wanna know all about me?

Don't be shy!

No, no. I know I'm essentially dull, really. But I've done a couple of interviews in the last couple of weeks, so not only am I going to link to them, I'm going to talk a little about the process and how weird it all still is to me.

The first interview I ever did was a couple of years ago, for Fallen Angel Reviews, a romance review site. It was totally surreal. They emailed me (I'd sent them my new release cover images for their "Coming Soon" section) and asked if I wanted to do an interview. And I seriously almost emailed back with "You do know you emailed ME, right?" I mean, what did I have to say that would be of interest to anyone?

I found a few things to say, anyway. I don't know if they were interesting. Honestly, what interests me the most about that interview now is how much has changed since then.

You know what doing interviews feels like, really? I hate to reference Friends, this far after it's passed into moderate rotation in syndication, but it feels a little bit like Chandler's work laugh. Remember that? He had this weird fake laugh he used with his boss, because the boss made terrible jokes that weren't funny but Chandler had to laugh, so he came up with this dumb sort of "Haaaahaaaa!" thing that sounded like a laugh. And that's kind of how it feels to me.

Only instead of pretending to laugh and be bright and cheery, I'm just trying not to use "fuck" as an adjective, the way I do in everyday life. And pretend I'm not, you know, drunk or whatever. Good thing they don't televise interviews with writers!

Honestly though? I generally get a kick out of them. I really like interacting with readers. I like talking (well, writing, but you know what I mean) about writing, and my books and ideas. Seriously, if you're like most of the writers I know, you can talk about your work for hours. I can. It's immensely flattering to be asked about it. (I read once that the three ways to a writer's heart are: tell him you loved his book, ask him about his next book, ask if you can read the ms of his next book. Something like that.)

The only things in interviews that make me a little uncomfortable is when I'm asked what I like about my work, or to discuss my favorite bits or anything that even hints of ego.

But when I get really cool, interesting questions like the ones I got in my last couple of's awesome.

And this is a really long, drawn-out way to introduce them, but here they are.

First is an interview at, in which I ask myself a hard question (thanks to Mark Henry who used to be a professional manipulator psychologist or something of that sort, who urged me to open up and ask myself a hard question.) But it gives away some background info and stuff on Personal Demons, so is worth a checkout if you liked the book.

Next is a really funny interview at Five Scribes. KL asked me what I think are the most interesting questions I've ever been asked, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on my answers (especially the Megan Chase/Johnny Smith thing!)

So go check those out, and, I don't know, ask me questions or talk about interviews or interview questions or what you had for breakfast or something in the comments.



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