4. 2. 0.

Somehow… Call it fate… Call it destiny… Call it perverse karma… I have landed myself the 4/20 post here at the League. A date that shall live in infamy, at least for those who…well, we’ll say “indulge in alternate entertainments.”

So, with this momentous date looming down on me, I agonized over what I should post. Should I address some of 4/20’s less savory reputations? Should I let it slide by, with nary an acknowledgment? Should I perhaps kick it to the wayside, and devote my post to Earth Day, but a scant two days hence?

Well, first off, we should establish that I have no knowledge base to post from, regarding 4/20. I was, sadly, a good girl. A good student. A drama geek. A – dare I say it? – nerd. For further proof of just how big a dork I was, see this post at my blog. I would post a picture of me from those bygone days, but I’d probably lose all my fans. (All five of you. Hi!)

I didn’t even know what 420 supposedly meant until I was well into my college years, and even then, I wasn’t sure someone wasn’t yanking my chain. I mean, really? The numbers 4 and 20 have some nefarious meaning?

So, like any true nerd, I had to do some research. Where did this come from? Why? Snopes.com to the rescue! Apparently, my information that this was a police code for marijuana use was incorrect. Part of me was sad, and part of me was just satisfied that my instincts had been right!

It did occur to me later that looking up things to debunk the 420 myth was probably the nerdiest thing I’d ever done (at that point in my life). My quest to someday be one of the cool kids had definitely been set back at least three spaces. Still trying to make two of those spaces up, as we speak.

So what this is, is a really long way of saying that I have no experiences with 420 upon which to expound. What, you expected a writer to be succinct? (At least half of you just said "Suck what?" Cheeky monkeys.)

(Next month, my post is on 5/20, an even MORE infamous date. It’s my wedding anniversary)


Brenda Hyde said…
Well, I have learned something new today, AND I have now admitted I am a total geek for not knowing what 420 meant. BAHAHAHAHAHA
B.E. Sanderson said…
I never heard that term - even during my college days when most of my friends were potheads.

Happy early Anniversary. May is an awesome month for those. ;o)
Karen said…
This was a new term for me, too.

(and...cough cough...I wasn't a dabbler in illegal things in college...that would be bad)
K.A. Stewart said…
Oh great, now I feel like I've corrupted perfectly nice people...

Wait, that makes me cool, right? One more space left to reclaim!

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