The Doctor and The Dog

Hello, followers of the League of Reluctant Adults--or as I like to think of you--Reluctant Adulterers! Checking the alphabet, I see it's my day to run the ship, so I thought today I'd share a few things I'm excited about right now, and for once, NONE OF THEM HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ME! Strange, I know. I'm not terribly comfortable without the focus on me...

But on with the show!

First and foremost, the new season of Doctor Who premieres this weekend, for which I am VERY excited, and you should be too! Why? Well, if you're writers, it's fascinating to watch, as it is written by Stephen Moffat, who wrote Coupling, the current Sherlock Holmes, and his storytelling is effing spectacular! Plus, none other than Neil Freakin' Gaiman himself is writing episode four, and it is almost certain to rock.

I got to see the season opening two-parter early, earning me much hate from a certain contingent of fanboys and girls out there, but I went so I could tell you this... it is both the creepiest episode I've ever seen and also pretty mind blowing. A LOT happens, and even the cliffhanger between one and two will have you going WHAT?!?!? Hell, the end of two had me going WHAT?!?!? also... that's how awesome it is. Make sure to catch it. The first five seasons are available on Netflix's Instant Cue.

Here's a little lead in fun for the show, brought to you by super Who-vian Chris Hardwick, aka The Nerdist.

Secondly, there's a new movie coming out, Dylan Dog, that I want to see succeed! Why? Because it's about a paranormal detective guy in a leather coat who looks incredibly like Simon Canderous. Okay, it's based on a long running Italian graphic novel, but Brandon Routh looks and acts totally like my precious Simon! And if that movie does well, perhaps Hollywood will be interested in picking up my urban fantasy series as a movie franchise! Take a look at faux-Simon in action.

I mean, it could happen, right? I'll not hold my breath, but I think a successful paranormal detective movie could provide an opportunity to the rest of us UF writers out there.

Oh wait.. I guess I did bring it all back around to talking about me... I guess the balance of the universe is restored! Carry on. Hope you enjoyed the clips.


D. Moonfire said…
Well, Hollywood always does two of every movie idea (Dante's Peak/Volcano, Deep Impact/Armageddon, so I would try to get in on that double action. I'm all in favor of supernatural investigators in movies.
Brenda Hyde said…
I just did a blog on Dylan Dog this week too. It looks SO damn cool. It would be very cool if it did well, wouldn't it? A Simon movie would be amazing. Of course it's Hollywood and they might turn him into a woman or an old guy or a zombie. *snort*
Anton Strout said…
as long as they pay me, they can ruin it how they like... even a shitty movie would up my book sales!

Becky LeJeune said…
Oh, Doctor Who! I've been waiting months for that premier and had to dvr it because my husband wasn't here (and I have to wait till he can watch with me or I'll never hear the end of it!). I'm stoked about Dylan Dog as well, but would LURVE to see a Simon Canderous flick!

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