Why I am bitterly hating half the League right now

Well, half of the League of Reluctant Adults is off at the RT convention. I burned with jealousy as I saw the emails flying back and forth planning drink meetups and other stuff. 

Top things I loved at the convention last year, that I will be horribly missing this year:
Meeting readers! There is nothing so wonderful as talking with all the smart, fun, generous-hearted and supportive readers who make it all worthwhile. League authors going to RT will get to meet so many readers. Luckies!

Meeting other authors. As an author, you work alone so much, and it's really nourishing to get out and hang around with others of our kind. We’re not unlike dogs: it’s important for us to get socialized, or else we end up weird and growly.

League of Reluctant Adults late night shenanigans…For example when                 and           were               the                         but then                                    in the mashed potatoes and                    because                        and of course wouldn't you know                        !               !! And                           ? You bet! But         
                                                            , plus, the                                            By that time          had                        and      ,                well, we’ll just leave it at that.

The elevator: I hugely enjoy riding the elevator at conventions. There is often a friendly reader or writer or industry person riding the elevator with me that I strike up a conversation with. I guess I am a bit of a talk-to-people-int-the-elevator-at-conventions girl. Beware, fellow riders! But, you are safe at RT this year!

WTF entertainment moments. There always seems to be one or two surprising, WTF moments on the entertainment schedule that are just…deliciously WTF.

Ellora’s Cave party favors. OMG. Yeah!

The hotel bar. So weird, so wonderful. It’s like twitter and blogland and facebook, except the people are corporeal!

The luv connection - I don’t mean that in a sexual way, I mean, when you meet somebody you know from around the netz, and you click in person. And it’s so great, and you so enjoy them and you wish you lived near them. Oh, oh, why am I even writing this post? I am making myself miserable.

Observing author stars. I may be speaking for myself here, but as a small potatoes author, it’s kind of fascinating to behold the species known as the ultra-famous author close up. At least for me. I watch the person—the way they interact, the way they dress, just the way things are for them. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s a kind of information, and even nourishment, a little bit. (Unless they seem like jerks.)

The mass gripe. It seems like there is often something wrong with the hotel or the way the con is run, or else some creepy person in attendance is being obnoxious in a large scale way. The mass grip tends to be this kind of kumbayah thing where everyone you meet can totally agree and relate to the suckage of it.

The scuttlebut. You learn things. And I’m not talking about panel stuff.

The sympatico. A giant mob of people, and you’re all way into what each other is reading and writing. That does not happen in real life! 


Daniel Marks said…
Nah. Only 7 of 'em.
(((hugs))) I shall hate them with you.
Mama Kitty said…
I too shall hate them with you. But I won't hug you. Don't want you to get my sicky germs.
Anonymous said…
#9: like when JR Ward returned from the lady's room with TP stuck to her spiked boot heel. Stars are cool like that.
Ella Gray said…
Awww, I feel your pain. One of our blogging team is at Rt and I'm super jealous. I'm going to switch around all the labels in the cabinet while they're gone. Take that!
Shiloh Walker said…
I'm not going... I'm fine with it, too. I need to get caught up on my writing, and my sleeping...

I'll hit it in Chicago. Much more doable than LA for me.
Rinda Elliott said…
Understand the pain. A bunch of the Deadline Dames are meeting up there, too. I hope they have a great time, but it would be nice to play. ;)
Beth C. said…
I've been seeing all the RT talk on Twitter and thought, "Someday..." My only con experience has been at a very small local one with about 200 people. But someday...
Tez Miller said…
Tease - you blacked out blanks, not secrets! You devious, clever young lady... ;-)
Suzanne McLeod said…
I feel your pain! *wants to go too* *sighs* Next year hopefully :-)
Pamela {Spaz} said…
You crack me up, Carolyn Crane!!! :P

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