It's Me, Only Different!


Karen said…
I'm sorry they didn't continue Amanda. :( Maybe she was just too brilliant for the plebeians to appreciate. (I liked her.)

I love the sound of the new book! Velveteen has been officially added to my must buy list - even being 1 1/2 years out.

As for that word "flexible" - as mom to a teen with Aspergers, I know all about flexible. Because flexible? Aspergers is not. I'm a damned rubber band of flexible.
Danny said…
It's the only way to be Unseelieme!

Thanks for the vote of confidence for Velveteen!
synde said…
Well said Mark..welcome Daniel Marks~
synde said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
synde said…
as for not too good at that..but giving up my comfy mgr position to be a part time jeweler was close to as flexible as I get..more sandpaper please.
Elie said…
I have found that big life changes find me, whether I want them or not. Such is life I guess. Not all change is bad.

I am looking forward to your YA debut. Daniel. I am glad to have met both personalities though (before Mark is sent on vaca).
Brenda Hyde said…
I like both versions of you-- and it's odd, but the 50 year old married woman part of me loved laughing at your dirty jokes, but the mom part of me that has a 17, 16 and 11 year old appreciates leaving out the dick jokes for the YA crowd. *snort* Changes-- I don't like them. I like my comfort zone, which is why I'm not published yet with my fiction. My nonfiction is "comfortable":)

I think it's good to be very flexible like you are doing now with your writing. I will look forward to reading your writing as Daniel:)

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