Vampire Environmentalists

Happy Friday, Leaguers! Also, Happy Earth Day.

You might ask what Earth Day has to do with a paranormal fiction blog. Well, I'll tell you. Who has a bigger interest in the earth staying beautiful than vampires? Because, hello, immortal. Who wants to live for eternity on a blackened rock covered in toxic sludge? Plus, vampires also want to protect their most precious natural resource--humans. How will they get their blood if we poison ourselves into extinction? They won't. And that's just sad.

Remember this ad?

We need to remake it with a vampire standing on a rooftop in his black cape, staring out over a smog-covered urban landscape with a lone blood tear streak down his alabaster cheek.

The tag line could read something like, "Save Mother Earth, Do It For the Undead."

What do you plan to do today to make the earth a better place for vampires?

P.S. Remember to check out my short story, "Violet Tendencies," to finally find out what happened to Valva the Vanity demon before the opening of GREEN-EYED DEMON. If that's not enough to tempt you, there's also a vampire stripper cat fight and inappropriate references to demon junk. Happy Easter!


Anonymous said…
"Save Mother Earth, Do It For the Undead."

LMAO. I love it!
Anonymous said…
I hate to disagree Jaye but don't vampires, when exposed to sunlight, burst into flame? That flame could then start a grass fire which can be very bad for the environment. With that said I'd have to say zombies are more environmentally friendly as when they die they rot and feed the earth. Granted their blood that seeps into the earth then creates man-eating plants but there are drawbacks to everything.
Jaye Wells said…
Don't be ridiculous. Zombies don't know the first thing about recycling. Sheesh.
unseelieme said…
I love the imagery. A single blood tear is perfect. Can we replace Smokey the Bear with Woody the Werewolf??!

What was that guy's name - the native american in the commercial? Does anyone remember? It's making me nuts.

Although I might be nuts from spending the day at Anime Boston with my 16 yr old. Imagine 20,000 people in elaborate costumes singing the Pokemon theme at the top of their lungs and you have a general idea of how wild it is...maybe.
Jaye Wells said…
Unseelieme, I just cried a single tear at the thought of spending a day with 20,000 singing Pokemon fans. (shudders)

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