A Challenge Was Met

I spent a lot of time yesterday pondering a good topic for today's blog post, but I kept coming up dry. Most of my ideas had already been done (many times) by other authors, on other blogs. Or the ideas just weren't good enough to write a whole blog post about (not that there's a word count minimum on these things, but I figure I might as well make it longer than flash fiction).

I needed something worthy of the League. We're Reluctant Adults, after all, and snark is our mother language. It's an art form, really, and it also isn't a proper week at the League without someone mentioning someone else's ta-tas.

Fortunately, Kevin Hearne saved me last night from falling back on a completely mundane topic when he posted this on Twitter:


For those of you who've never heard of Rocky Mountain Oysters, check it out:


Not too scary, right? They look like fried chicken livers, or even those popcorn chicken things they serve at KFC.

But this is where they come from:


Sorry, kids, they're not oysters. They're not even shellfish. They're bull testicles, typically deep-fried and served with some sort of dipping sauce. And now, thanks to my randomly tweeting about an episode of one of the random food shows I watch ("Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives," because R.M. Oysters are pretty tame for Andrew Zimmern) you'll get to read about them in one of Kevin's books!

And I suppose turnabout is fair play. Since Dreg City 4 is already turned in, I'll make Kevin a public offer: if DC 5 happens (*fingers crossed*) I will accept a similar challenge to include something really weird in the book. *nods*

But for you, dear League followers (you poor souls), a question inspired by Rocky Mountain Oysters: What's the weirdest thing you've ever put in your mouth?


WickedLilPixie said…
I've had them in Alberta but they call them Prarie Oysters.

My aunt in-laws family own a farm so I was up there on castration day & had no idea thats what they (cow hands) were feeding me until I chewed...*shudder*

It came flying right out of my mouth when they told me what it was.
Anonymous said…

Ew. Ew. Ew.
Barbara E. said…
I generally try not to put disgusting things in my mouth. I think the worst thing I ever ate were scallops, they tasted like fishy rubber to me. Oh, and I tasted a small bite of alligator once, it tasted like chicken, LOL.
Qwill said…
Jellied eels. Just thinking about them makes me shudder. I don't mind eel in sushi, but jellied eels from a jellied eel stand are not pleasant. Yuck.
Kevin Hearne said…
OMG now I have to think of something to put in DC 5! What an utterly lovely task! :)

Weirdest thing I ever ate was, um, a squirrel.
Anonymous said…
Octopus may or may not be strange for some, but I love it. :P I've also had tripe (cow's stomach) -- it's pretty squishy and it takes on the flavor of anything you put it in (like tofu, haha).

Oh and black pudding (pig's blood). Which is actually not bad either!

I know...I'm gross, lol.
Karen said…
As part of making my Confirmation, I had to go on a religious retreat. Picture fifty starving teenagers sitting down for hamburgers. I took one bite - shudder - it tasted strong & heavily of iron. I choked a small bit down, but spit out the rest figuring it was bad. I decided I'd rather go hungry, but some kids ate 2 or 3 burgers. When the group was finished eating, our lovely leaders announced we'd just consumed HORSE!!!

(It was supposed to be some kind of trust lesson. You do not want to know what happened next...let's just say the priests were very busy cleaning up all afternoon & I think they learned more than we did.)
B.E. Sanderson said…
I ordered a seafood salad once. Imagine my surprise when along with the shrimp and scallops, it had little bitty purple octopus legs. Needless to say, I picked those out. I'm not eating anything that could reach out and touch me.
Nicole Peeler said…
I've eaten a lot of testicles in my day, and "eaten" is not a euphemism. I can't think of the weirdest thing I've ever eaten . . . my definition of "weird" is pretty broad, in general. The one thing I can't stand, however, are water chestnuts. I'd eat a thousand testicles over a single water chestnut.
Lady D said…
Well, I've eaten rabbit, and squirrel, and porcupine. Um, octopus, squid, Almost ate some bugs (anthropology minor, and my prof brought in candied bugs one day, but I ended up missing the end of class :( ). I think that's about it for the weird.

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