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Jeanne Stein here:
Well, it's the 19th of the month which means here in Leagueland that I'm supposed to post. Since I'm in deadline manic mode, I decided to share something that I posted on The Biting Edge first. This was put together by a reader, Nicole Gillison, who did it as a surprise for her wife, Laray.

Nicole planned a tour of some of the locations featured in the Anna Strong series. She asked me for some details and then went to work on the tour. I'm going to let you see and hear what they found!

LaRay wrote:

Wow what an adventure we had! :)

We took a lot of pictures; sadly we dropped the good camera and ended up taking a lot of pictures with our cell phone. So not sure if you can use or would want to use any of them but I'm happy to share all these pictures with you.

Nikki did such a great job at walking me through the books. She did this whole tour guide with stories of who, where, and what. It was really nice.

We found a real biker bar in El Cajon, the closest one to a biker bar here in town is Hi Cera and well that is a dive but not a biker bar. Dego is a true Hells Angels Biker bar so we went over there took a picture, wow it was a rush too just picturing Anna, and David doing a bounty in there.

We went to Sea Port Village- (Could this be the view from Anna's office?)

Her Cottage (tried to pick which one we thought),

The view from Avery's house a top Mt. Soledad:

Balboa Park. Can you spot the secret doorway?

There is a house in Hillcrest, we always said reminds us of the Witch's house. So we drove over there took a picture. :)

Driving near the Coronado Bridge flashed the memories of Anna being in Coronado and searching for Burke.

We wanted to go to the Sea Cliffs but didn't get a chance to go, there happened to be a big surprise waiting for me at the end of the day and we had a time crunch so had to cut it off by 6pm so Avery's was our last stop. :)

This was an amazing birthday, with your help all your books we had a wonderful day.
So amazing! :)

I couldn't have been more surprised or pleased that a reader went to this much work to bring Anna's books to life. It was the nicest compliment I've ever been paid.


-Kelly Meding said…
That is too awesome!

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