Sneak Peek!

Out May 3!
Guess what y'all! This is my last post before I's finally PUBLISHED! Then I can be a REAL author! Ye gods, I thought it would never get here!

O' course, once I lose me cherry on May 3, Del Rey is going to publish me twice more this year—HEXED comes out on June 7 and HAMMERED on July 5. It's the same sort of release schedule that Del Rey did with Stacia Kane's Downside books last year. I think I read somewhere on Stacia's blog that it was kinda stressful (though I might be imagining that). Whether I imagined it or not, I'm starting to get an inkling that it's going to be a pretty intense three months, but mostly I'm just excited right now.

If you'd like to get some Sneak Peekage for FREE (it's a try before you buy kinda deal), then you can go to Suvudu on Friday, April 8, for a continuing feature they run there called 50-Page Fridays. There, from the comfort of your own browser, you can read the first 50 pages (or so) of HOUNDED.

If you can't wait until the 8th and you'd rather have a peek that's really more like the voice of melted chocolate in your ears, you can click here for a five-minute sample from the audiobook of HOUNDED, read by Luke Daniels. He starts on page one and gets you all the way to the bottom of, three. It's a really more of a delicious flash than a peek.

Enjoy! :)


Anonymous said…
I'm looking forward to reading this!

Also, the guy on the cover is hot. Love that focused stare.

Teril said…
YES! I cannot wait.

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