Because I LOVE You Guys!

So I'm back in the Porte du Shreve, in my revisions oubliette. 

In a month or two, when it gets closer to my publication date, I'm going to do some pretty hard core contests. I'll try to advertise the shit out of those contests, to get as many people as possible to participate.

But I wanted to reward our loyal League readers by doing a contest now, just for you. I won't say I'm doing it on Twitter, or Facebook. I may put up a lil tease on my blog, as I usually do, because the same people read both.

I want to do this first, little contest because you guys have been awesome. I came out of nowhere, and you've patiently endured me blogging (a lot) about a whole bunch of bullshit. 

To win the contest, just comment here. There's no hoops to jump through. If you want to tell me in great detail why you want to read Tempest Rising, I won't turn my eyes away. But you don't have to do anything but say, "hello." Next Sunday, the 26th, at noon, I'll pick a random winner, who will get an ARC of the book. I'll mail it out that Monday.

It's just my way of saying thank you. You guys have been so great to me, and I really, really appreciate it. 

Thank you!


Anonymous said…
Hello. I'm so minimalistic. Though, I really wanted a few hoops to jump through...grumble grumble.

Denise said…
Yay! Count me in. I have been reading everything I can about this book. BTW beautiful cover!
FictionGroupie said…
Excitedly dropping my name in the hat.
When you first posted the cover, it caught my attention, and I've been interested in reading your book ever since.
I love this cover, if the pages are anything like it, I need, no, I must read!!

Dottie :)
Karen W. said…
I've been intrigued about TEMPEST RISING since the moment I saw that awesome cover! I'd love to read it!

karenwitkowski AT
Wendy said…
WHAT do you mean there's no hoops to jump through??

But I've been practicing!

Damn. Highly disappointed right now.

Clearly, only an ARC of Tempest Rising will make me feel better.
RKCharron said…
Hi :)
Wow. What a nice surprise.
I would adore an ARC of TEMPEST RISING.
And thank you:
.....For writing
.....For persevering
.....For being you.
Love from Canada
writtenwyrdd said…
Oooh, contests! I wish you well in oubliette revision mode.
Melissa said…
Aw! That's such a nice thing to do! (And I LOVE your cover by the way.)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations :) Oh and, Hello :D
elnice said…
Wow, we are so excited for you. You are going to have a fantastic release! Thanks for the giveaway (we feel special!)
Adele said…
Throwing my name in the hat. :) And congratulations!
Suzan Harden said…
Seeing your success gives me hope. And thanks for rewarding League followers!
Alexia561 said…
Hi Nicole!

Hoping you escape the revisions oubliette soon! Looking forward reading Tempest Rising, as I love your tweets. Have a great night!
JenniferK said…
I've been looking forward to reading this book for awhile. Can't wait!
Heather C said…
ME me!!! I can't wait to read it because I love your blogs and on your site. :)
pattepoilue said…
Bonjour Nicole!
thank you for the chance to win you book! I can't wait to read it!
(I'll be harrassing the french Amazon to get it!)
So count me in! =D
Zita said…
I'm up for that!
tetewa said…
I'd like to be included!
Thom said…
I have wanted to read this book since 1972, when I was a small child living in Hawaii. I was playing Scrabble with Kelly Kamehameha. I put down "tempest" for my word. She used the "s" to spell "rising".

"What an awesome name for a book," said I.

"But only if it has the bestest cover ever," said Kelly. "And it has to be written by a girl who can belly dance and travels around the world."

"Why does it have to be a girl?"

"Because boys are dumb."

"I don't think I'm dumb."

"Of course you don't, boys are too dumb to notice."

"I just spelled out 'tempest' for Scrabble. That doesn't seem very dumb to me."

"We're playing checkers, you big goof-ball head."


Then we went surfing and ate poi, because that's what kids did in Hawaii. Good times.
Barb P said…
Hi Nicole! Looking forward to reading your book. Love the front cover. Put my hat into the ring pleeeeaaaaase!
JD said…
Excellent, another book to add to my collect of books by great authors whom I read. There are only another eleventy million more books for me to read and own and then I shall rule the world! Mwahahaha...

Ahem. That should have been my inside voice.

Cara said…
Another book that has reignited my desire to read - after more than ten years without reading a single fiction book. I have only recently become aware of Tempest Rising, but it is now on my Must Read list :)
Lori T said…
I would love to be entered and I would have even attempted to jump through a hoop or two for a chance.
John said…
I'd love to read this book. I'll even make an exception to my 'no paper books' rule. Only John Grisham has previously been granted such an exception, so in addition to similar book sales you'll have this great honor in common as well.
Renee said…
I'm looking forward to Tempest Rising's release! :-)
Anonymous said…



Since jumping through hoops sounded like fun--I did it anyway :)

Haven't read any of your books before but I love to read and am always looking for a new character to love. Have a great day!
Lale G said…
Looking forward to tempest rising. :)
Falcata Times said…
LOL, what "forgotten place" are you in Nicole?
Anonymous said…
I really want to read this book! It sounds interesting and the cover is so pretty! :)
Anonymous said…
Let's give it a run. ARCs are always fun things to try and snag, especially from writers like the League.
Jacqueline C said…
I keep hearing great things about this one, so I'm really looking forward to it!
Kimberly B. said…
Oh, this book looks so good! I'm intrigued by the cover art, and the fact of Jane's night-swimming leading to her discovery she's not human. Thanks for the great giveaway!

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