She's Baaaaaa-aaaaack.... Well, sorta, anyway.


I know, I was like totally MIA. I've been crazy bloggin' over at my own site, where you can see all of our crazy road trippin' adventures, but I took a vacay from the League. Now I'm back! And better than ever! Okay, I'm actually knackered, with bags under my eyes, and a liver that is crying out for peace in the middle east, but whatever. I am back.

And not only am I back, but I have THESE!

Yes, that's a big ass box of ARC's. And yes, there WILL BE CONTESTS! I just am not sure what they will be, or when I will do them, as of now. Because, as I said, I have three brain cells left, and two of them are fighting in a boozy brawl while the third munches on weeks-old beignet.

But soon I will devise nefarious plans to get these into your hot little hands! I Tweeted the idea that I'd totally give one to whoever paid my rent this month..... but apparently that's not what people had in mind. So I'll come up with something better, I promise. Unless you DO want to pay my rent, in which case, you can have TWO ARC's!

In the meantime, though, if you can't get enough Nikki (and who can't, really?), I did a wee interview with Ron Hogan (which may have involved whisky and cigars... heaven!) over at GalleyCat, where I do a little League pushin'. I also got some love from Orbit. It's a great big adoration fest we gots over at my publishing company, and I couldn't be happier. You guys rock!

I'll be back soon with deets for a contest to win some Selkie Love! Woot!


Jessica Kennedy said…
Loving my copy everyday! Few more days and I'll be done. :)

Enjoy your pretties and your contests! :)

I'd love to have a contest on my blog if you want to cross promote. :)

Would love to have your guest post as well. Maybe closer to your release date? Or both? I'm up for anything. :)
Vickie said…
The box'o'books looks pretty SWEET! Would that I could pay your rent, toots, but DH would have a conniption. I do have your book on the wishlist over at Amazon. Unless, of course, I win a copy in one of your contests.....
Thom said…
I can't do anything about your rent, but if you pay mine then whenever my WiP gets published I will give you THREE ARCS, a foot rub, and- I don't know- some chocolate or something.


I can't wait to read your book. Selkie love indeed
Heather C said…
I'm be more than happy to pay your rent. My question is, what kind of currency does your landlord accept? I have monopoly money, life money, spiderman monopoly money, and some very expensive battleships (in case rent is very high).

Or maybe I could trade you for some skull bling. I noticed from your trip you seem to love skull bling...:)

Can't wait for the new book!!! Can I pre-order it, in case someone else already paid your rent?
Heather C said…
Also, I think you need this shirt:
Thom said…
You hit on something in your video when you talk about the cover and how it's not a typical urban fantasy and that the unique cover captures the feel of the book. Urban Fantasy is getting pigeon-holed into this increasingly narrower definition and that's not what the genre is about.

At its very simplest- monsters are scary and cool. Horror is about monsters being scary. Fantasy is about monsters being cool. Urban Fantasy is Fantasy set in the modern world.

The idea that Urban Fantasy can only be a paranormal romance where a strong, preferably female, protagonist is ridiculous. It's like saying all Mysteries have to be about a sleuth protagonist who solves crime, therefore Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiassen can't be mystery writers.

Urban Fantasy is a broad category. Most of what Christopher Moore writes is Urban Fantasy. Neil Gaiman's books are Urban Fantasy. I'm sorry, but Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby is an Urban Fantasy story.

I just think we need more flavors in our Urban Fantasy and I'm glad where getting some variety out there.
Nicole Peeler said…
I love you guys!

Jess: I'll totally do anything you want! *L* Just tell me when and where!

Vickie: Yay!!! Thanks!! :-)

Heather: OMG. I. Want. Now. *LMAO* And hell yeah I'll do just about anything for skull bling. *L*

Thom: Ditto the "just about anything" for foot massages. *L* Or any form of massage, really. And I agree! No pigeonholing of UF! I was really chuffed when Ron compared the book to Pushing Daisies, and I think that's a really good way of summarizing the tone. Even though it's nothing like PD, really. *L*
JD said…
Welcome back, Nicole! I've stalked... ahem... read your adventures and it sounded like you and Dr Ruth had a hoot!

I would pay your rent for the sheer entertainment of your posts alone. I just don't think my own landlord would accept my "But rent is rent, right?" excuse.
alanajoli said…
Whee, box of ARCs! I'll look forward to your contests!

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