It's a Disaster!

I love natural disaster movies. Volcanoes, global warming, tornadoes ... I'm all in. Last night, when my daughter and I were watching "Knowing" with Nicolas Cage (and PS, did not like the movie itself, though it did offer a spectacular disaster), she was like, "Why do you like movies that show realistic ways we could all DIE?" My very detailed and informative responses was: "I dunno. I just do." Then we talked about the "end of the world" prophecies for 2012 and I said I'm sooooo seeing "2012" the movie, and she rolled her eyes and said, "Of COURSE you are."

So I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite disaster movies. You're welcome.






-Kelly Meding said…
I like disaster movies, too. Dante's Peak is awesome.
Mark said…
I'm with Kelly. Dante's Peak was great. I remember being excited about the Volcano movies that year. But the one with Tommy Lee Jones sucked dog dicks.
C R Ward said…
YES! I love disaster movies too and can't wait until 2012 is released!
Embee said…
All of those movies are on my fave disaster movie list, and I love watching them over and over...never get tired of them. This was the first time I've seen the trailer for 2012 and it looks awesome! Of course, it had to be made and it looks like they went all and and really disastered it up on a grand scale. Can't wait!!!
Vickie said…
Good lord! It's like you're looking in our DVD drawers!!

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