Toy? Or Amazing Spy Gadget?

I went to my favorite toy store last week to beef up my Christmas list. Although all I came home with was a glow-in-the-dark skull (woot!), I am now hopeful that my wind-up dancing robot girl will have a new boyfriend by the New Year. And I saw a yard-long ballpoint pen that would be just hilarious to bring to book signings, so it went on the list as well.

What I feel I cannot live without, however, is a miniature Etch-A-Sketch. In fact, if I were a spy, that's how I'd leave messages for my comrades. Then they could just shake the Etcher after they were finished reading it and, voila'! Evidence erased! Think of the number of hotel fires this would prevent since nobody would be burning clandestine messages in trash cans anymore!

How would you pass secret information to your undercover buddies, given the chance?


Falcata Times said…
LOL, hows about a sing off: (incidently these have been selected to get a message across. Any words appearing in brackets aren't in the title, just there to help clarify the message)

A Message - Coldplay
Secret Agent Man - Johnny Rivers
(I'm) Going Underground - The Jam
Down at the Tubestation at Midnight - The Jam
Say you'll be there - The Spice Girls

I'll be there - The Jacksons
Where do you go to my lovely - Peter Sarstedt

Y Viva Espana - Sylvia

Why? - Annie Lennox

Broken Promises - New Order

How will you know - Justin Guarini

When I meet them - Seals and Crofts
(On) The Road to Santiago - Oysterband

Time to Say Goodbye - Sarah Brightman

Hagelrat said…
skywriting. I don't do subtle or clandestine terribly well. :)
I always liked the simple style of lipstick on a mirror too.
RKCharron said…
Hi :)
What a fun blog post.
Reminds me when I was a kid and we did the invisible ink thing with lemon juice or something (it's a vague memory).
That's how I'd communicate again.
Love and best wishes from Northern Ontario
The Kat said…
Writing on a fogged up mirror.
Clandestine and clever.
Jennifer Rardin said…
Interesting idea, Falcata Times. I can see the interview for that job. "Okay, Bob, I'm glad you know karate. But can you carry a tune?"

Not a bad idea, Hagelrat. Nobody ever looks up.

That could work, RK. At least it did on "Who Framed Roger Rabbit."

Just don't do it with mustard, The Kat. Even after you clean it off, every time you shower, the words show up again. (We know--we did it for shivaree and my brother-in-law still tells the story!)

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