Because I'm a giver

I'm sure you all know by now what a giving personality I have. My giving is only exceeded by my modesty...

So I thought I'd share the cover of the next anthology I have a story in. It's a January pub that moved a few times, changed titles, but here it is in all its glory.

My story in it is a contemporary fantasy story called "Stannis", a weepy little tale about a young girl in the city and the centuries old gargoyle sworn to watch over her family.

It may or may not be from the Simonverse.

I'm not sure who else is in it, but aren't I enough reason to go out and support the title? Order now before the ghost of Billy Mayes comes after you with the hard sell!


Falcata Times said…
Congrats on your success Anton.
Anton Strout said…

This is one of those stories I wrote and then when reading it at Gencon last year, I got weepy.

Either I'm a sap for my own work of some real emotion came out in the writing. Once it's out in the world, I'll know...
RKCharron said…
Hi :)
Thanks for sharing!
The cover looks amazing.
And it is a DAW book!
DAW books = excellence
Congratulations Mr. Strout.
I am definitely getting this book.
All the best,
alanajoli said…
Hurrah for another Anton-featuring anthology!

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