Book Club: Personal Demons by Stacia Kane

Hey y'all. Last day of book club and I'm thinking we should do it a little different. We talked earlier in the week about what we thought the personal demons looked like, but aren't they all unique and perfect snowflakes like us? Ahem.

Let's talk about our own personal demons and describe them.

Here's mine...

I call him Hijinks. Not that he goads me into pranks--he doesn't--he just makes me say things that probably should have stayed in my head. Hijinks is about 6 inches tall and almost that around, like a little bowling ball with feet and hands, only prickly like a thistle. He leaves little red welts across my shoulders when he rolls from one side to the other and can't quite reach my ear to whisper so he uses a rolled up post-it note which he whacks against my ear lobe to get my attention.

But enough about Hijinks...


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