Demonic Marketing

Sometimes, when I feel like my evilness quotient is slipping, I like to surround myself with demonic marketing gimmicks and foodstuffs.

For example, I have a framed version of this poster hanging in my living room. Yes, I'm a sucker for demonic art, especially when it combines alcohol and French--the official language of evil.

But many option exist when it comes to demon-themed products. Witness the following...if you dare! (insert evil laugh)

From Lush bath products, we have Demon in the Dark , which is a "minty and mysterious body soap to tingle sluggish skin."

What could be tastier than a Demon Pig? Well, now there's a sauce for all your evil BBQ needs.

For those who prefer their food to taste like burning hellfire, Demon Ichor is the sauce for you.

And how about a Satan Red beer to wash down all that brimstone?

Last, but certainly not least, the classics: Deviled eggs and ham.

What's your favorite demon themed marketing gimmick?


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