Sexy Demon

Isn't that hot?

It's called "Angel and Demon."

I found it yesterday while looking for pics to use for my lame Loldemons, and it's just too gorgeous to make fun of. So I contacted the artist, a lovely (and pretty attractive himself, btw) German man named Uwe Jarling, at his website, which is full of other gorgeous art, and asked him for permission to post the pic here, which he very kindly gave.

Why am I going into all of this (which is, let's face it, rather a dull story)? Because it is a copyrighted image, and Mr. Jarling was generous enough to give his permission to post it here, so I wanted to make sure everyone got the links to his site and everything so they can go look at his other stuff if they so desire. So go do that, and in the meantime, I'll be here still looking at this one.

Because I'm just that kind of pervy, baby.


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