Contest Reminder and a Thank You

First of all, we won't be choosing our winners (yep! With an "s") until Monday, so tell your friends about the League and jump on the free shit bandwagon. Just make sure that the comment is under the contest post and not this one, cuz I'm too lazy to go huntin'.

I have to thank Jaye for that post she did yesterday. Got me putting together a playlist, where I remembered a song that would be perfect for Dark Rites. But more than that, gave me an idea for a secondary character that I'm super psyched about. Here's the video for Lagartija Nick...

...and nope, the character I'm thinking of is not the devil, or Nick, or whatever you want to call him. Any guesses? Stace, you're excluded, since you know.

Happy Mudda's Day, tomorrow. Don't forget about Jackie's Mother's Day post!


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