Book Club: Personal Demons by Stacia Kane

Okay League readers, it's book club time. Seems like a while since Stacia through me one for Happy Hour and here we are chatting up Personal Demons. What could be a more appropriate time than during Demon Week?

We won't be doing a spoiler thread until later in the week, so even if you haven't read PD yet, you might want to swing by just to chat with Stacia or anyone else, really. We're all usually just hovering around talking about Stacia, anyway.

I did a review of Stacia's book over at my blog, so if you want to check that out, then clicky. But remember, this isn't a place for reviews, or whether you liked it or didn't. That's not the point.

What is the point?

Well, today it's all about the demons. Stacia served 'em up three different ways. You got your scary, sexy and comic all in one. Who was (were) your favorite(s)? Why?

Let's get it goin'!


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