Book Club: Personal Demons by Stacia Kane

Hola bitches! Sorry I'm late getting this up, but real life interceded. Anyway, I've been thinking about Megan Chase (the MC of Personal Demons for you guys that haven't forked out your $7 yet) and in particular her psychic ability and how it helps her in her work. The question that comes up for me is this, is it an ethical issue for a psychotherapist to use their mind-reading ability to help a client through their issues? Put yourself in the client's position.

Would you feel violated? Manipulated? Creeped out? Hmm?

I'll take the stance that most people follow the same cycles of behavior as their parents and make choices based on learned methods of communication, decision making and introspection, so any therapist who does proper background assessment would appear to be "psychic." I know I've been accused of it. But to actually be psychic makes my mouth water. Totally more efficient.



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