Demons on the Small Screen

Well, it's demon week, so I can't blog about my plans to become the future Mrs. Tony Stark. So it goes...

Have some random movie geeking instead!

Demons are so rarely well-done on film, and this makes me sad. But there are some demon films I count among my favorites, so here they are...

The Exorcist
Duh, right? A classic, sure to peg your creep-o-meter and beautifully shot.

The Ring
But wait! you cry. This movie isn't about a demon, it's about a little girl in the TV who kills people. Hah, I say, that all depends on your interpretation, and to me it's clear that little Samarra is something otherworldly. She appears mysteriously, lives on after being drowned and affects all of those around her with evil. Plus, that bitch is scary.

A tight little film about the nature of evil, with a twist ending. And a vauguely sinister song wound throughout. Bonus.

Before you all start yelling at me, no, I don't actually like this movie. The depiction of angels and demons, however, is one of the best I've ever seen. Eye candy gets points with me. I'm shallow.

For a film where you never actually see the demons integral to the story, it's remarkably effective and has a lot of spooky moments.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Shit story, good execution. The scenes of possession are primal and raw, and frightening as hell.

He's a demon who fights Nazis! There is no way that concept cannot be awesome. And with Ron Perelman in the title role, it's even better.

What's your favorite demon movie?


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