Crypticon Sans Pressure

I'm continuing a post started on my personal blog, for no better reason than saving some time. Cuz, really, I need all those precious spare moments for Facebook word games. I just can't have blogging cutting into my other distractions.

So where was I?


The day I got to be an actual con attendee. No pressure to perform and all the time in the world to gawk. I took my best friend Kevin because--c'mon--pseudo-celebrities? I needed a snark buddy. We started by taking a quick lap around the signing area. Tony Todd scared us because he was grumbling by himself. Danielle Harris scared Kevin with her unsightly blemishes, he promptly suggested Proactive--it has helped many other d-listers get their skin under control.

Then it was off to the Friday the 13th Q & A panel with Betsy Palmer (Mrs. Voorhees) and Adrienne King (last counselor standing). Let me start off by saying, Betsy Palmer is adorable. She's just this tiny thing that you want to squeeze even though she was wearing "the sweater."

Oh yeah!


Now, sure, it's a new one but nonetheless a fine ensemble choice considering. She regaled us with tales of being talked into doing the film because she needed money to buy a Volkswagen Scirroco (or however that's spelled). And that's exactly how much she's made from her role ($10,000). Total. Seriously.

She went on to explain the background of Mrs. Voorhees. Apparently, Jason's mom was a bit of a slut and got herself pregnant back in the days where that was a problem that needed to be hidden away. Her father kicked her out and she had to become self-sufficient to provide for her son. She took the job as a cook at Camp Crystal Lake.

When she put together that scenario, the suggestion that Jason was "special needs"--we'll say--wasn't in the script. She was not at all happy that they'd changed his character and made him a "mongoloid." In fact, that change happened after they'd filmed the drowning scene, where he's bald but not deformed and has full use of his voice. She's refused to watch any of the sequels, simply stating, "That's not my Jason."

Adrienne King was a surprise guest at the Q & A and really informative. She talked about the ending quite a bit and her banter with Betsy was pretty saucy.

Sorry about my camera, it doesn't like the zoom so much. But Adrienne looks exactly like she did in the movie, same haircut and everything.

So we were having a good time, listening to the all the behind the scenes gossip when who strolls in like he owns the place? The guy that played Jason as a kid, Ari Somebody. Jesus, he was irritating. Butting in. Acting like he was the star. It was really kind of embarrassing. I'd feel sorry for him, if he hadn't forced me to despise him. Here he is with mommy...

Anyway, apparently, Betsy and Adrienne were approached to be in the remake but that's NOT going to happen. Ari said that it's not a remake as much as a reboot (I'm getting really tired of hearing that word) of the first 4 movies in one. Weird. At least you Supernatural fans will get your Padalecki fix (though you'll have to wait for the remake of My Bloody Valentine to see Caitlin's TV boyfriend).

Enough about them, though. Let's move on to something really exciting. The main event if you live in my deranged head (and I think you do). The last order of business for Crypticon? Meeting and securing Lou Perryman's autograph. If you don't know Lou, then you're probably not a chainsaw fan. We're talkin' Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. The first movie I saw in the theater where people actually got up and stomped out after the first 5 minutes. Sick shit, no doubt, but it contained a line of dialogue that I repeat at least once per month.

"Built you a little fry house."

Don't know why that's stuck in there, but it is. And it comes out whenever those darlings of the deep fat fryer are anywhere in the vicinity. You can imagine my interior squee upon finding Lou's "Built you a little fry house" pins and a photo of him with said fry house. Turns out he's a nice guy and a reader (not of my book but of books in general). We discussed authors who write comedy, he's a Hiassen fan (who isn't?). Had a nice chat.

$25 later. I had my loot.

The "rude" sticker isn't part of it, I just put it there to obscure the signature (we all know to do that, right?). It still freaks me out that they charge for signatures. Maybe I should start doing that.



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