Caught: A Contest


We're all friends here, right? I can share something personal with you, can't I? (I promise, it has nothing to do with feeling less than fresh. That's the stuff of bad commercials, not of League blog posts.)

Loving Husband and I were having an intimate moment. Well, hour. Well, I wasn't really timing it. So there we were, getting Biblical (without the begatting). The bed was rocking, so no one's supposed to come knocking.

Mid-rock, Tax Deduction the Elder calls out, "Mom? Are you OK?"


I freak out, thinking that we've scarring my precious six (and three-quarter) year old for life. I think this as I dive under the covers, completely mortified and vowing never to have sex again (just like someone worshiping the Porcelain God vows never to drink again). I say something like "Gark."

Loving Husband calls back, "Mommy's fine. Her belly's hurting a little, that's all."

(Okay, you have to understand that earlier that night, both my kids had bellyaches from eating too much ice-cream. So the first thing he thought of was using the bellyachy non-goodness as an excuse. Yeah, I know, you're thinking about all sorts of sexual eating jokes now, aren't you? Minds out of the gutter, people. This is a family-friendly blog. Mark said so, so it must be true.)

LH then throws on a robe and goes to see if TDTE is all right. The night light was off in the bathroom, so TDTE wanted some company as he did his business.

Now, here's the question. Did Tax Deduction the Elder get woken up because:

(A) Mommy needs a muzzle
(B) TDTE had to go to the bathroom; it had nothing to do with Mommy and Daddy's aerobics
(C) He's evil and was timing the interruption

Jury's still out.

*** A CONTEST!***

I'm not the only one who's experienced coitus interruptus lately. The incubus Daunuan does, too, in the opening chapter of HOTTER THAN HELL. And giving writer that I am, I've decided to share. I have an ARC here (of my HOTTER THAN HELL, not of the lovely Kim Harrison's), just begging to be given away.

Want a chance to win? Leave a comment either about my post or share your own Caught! moment. I'll pick a winner at random on FRIDAY, MAY 30.


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