Some things you should know

Hi, everybody!

Hi, Caitlin!

Since this is my first post at the League, I figured I might as well go for full disclosure and reveal embarrassing things about my personal/writing life.

So here we go:

I once worked as an internet psychic. No lie. I sat in chat for a scummy company based in New York and read tarot cards. I wouldn't lie to people, so I didn't last long. However, when I was bored or needed to get a soda, I could pretend to go into a trance, so that was fun.

I know all the words to 'Here's a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)' by Travis Tritt. And whatever your feelings on country, it is a great song.

I'm a hidden geek. Or not so hidden, if you get me talking about Batman.

I'm incapable of writing well-adjusted characters in my novels. Okay, I probably am capable but I find them incredibly boring, so all of my characters tend to be broken and screwed up. At last count, my protagonists number a werewolf, a heroin addict, a runaway Fae, a redneck exorcist and a psychic brother and sister with abusive parents. And those are just the books I've written.

Before I sold my first novel I wanted to be a cop. Now I just write about them, which is probably better because I have neither the patience or the self-control to be a good law enforcement officer. But I maintain I would make a kick-ass bounty hunter.

And there it is...Stuff to Know about me. If you came here expecting to hear about my books...uh...yeah. Next week. Unless I forget and blog about how I want to marry Iron Man. You'll just have to wait and see.


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