Memorial Day: A Memory

Back in the 80s, during my high school days, three authors got me on the path to writing. The first was William Gibson and his book Neuromancer, which I barely understood on my first reading of it but all I knew was that I felt like I so desperately wanted to understand it that it fostered a lifelong love affair with his work and made me a better reader. He, thankfully, still lives on.

The next two authors, sadly, do not.

The first has been gone for some time- Douglas Adams. If you've read anything I've done, I think you can see his influences throughout my work.

The next, however, left us just this past week- Robert Lynn Asprin. I came to him through an equally nerdy friend, stole his copies of the Myth Adventures series, and never returned them. I was hooked on his particular brand of quirk, action adventure, and humor.

When I came to New York years later, I ended up working at the publisher responsible for Mr. Gibson and Mr. Asprin, Ace Books. I was thrilled when his years of writer's block finally gave way and he started writing again. I am proud that I, too, am an Ace author now and to be associated in some small way with him.

For your influence on my work and in mourning of the fantasy worlds loss, Mr. Asprin, I raise my glass to you.


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