Logo Contest Wieners!

Yep. Plural!

1/3 of you correctly guessed that Caitlin was missing from the line-up. As an added bit of fun, most, if not all of us, will be posting the original photos we used on our own blogs.


Our grand prize winner: tetewa

tetewa get the signed copies of Dead to Me, Personal Demons, Happy Hour of the Damned, Night Life, The Road to Hell, an ebook of Weirdly 2 featuring Jaye's story and assorted swag.


But...wait...I've got so many signed books on my desk I'm giving more away to...

macbeaner and bunny_b!

I'm going to let you two race for first choice between Rachel Vincent's Rogue and Kim Harrison's The Outlaw Demon Wails. First to email me gets their choice.

me (at) markhenry.us



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