Bodies: The Exhibition

So in my travels to Las Vegas last week for some non-book related fun, the wife and I took in the Bodies exhibit at the Luxor pyramid. The exhibit essential shows various vivisected cuts of the human body in various states to show how it all hooks together on the inside. While I have a weak stomach for real life blood and guts, I found the artistry in humanity and how we work just under our skin absolutely fascinating. We're all meat, folks... sweet, delicious meat.

Anyhoo... it got me thinking, as any great art form will do. What makes up unique beyond that? Despite skin colors, despite race, despite the made up prejudices of our minds, we are all the same in simple biological form, yet it's that large grayish lump we keep in our heads that seem to be the thing that makes us all unique. We are the thoughts we have, which in the most simplest form to me means we are the stories we tell ourselves. Some of these stories we label as generally acceptable, agreed upon things that we hold as truths such as language so we can communicate the thoughts we have, but at the base of it all is that communication. We are the stories we tell, even if they are not truths. With bodies being as similar as they are, the only place I feel we are truly unique are in those thoughts, and I'm glad that as a writer I get to share mine with you between the pages. That gift feels even more powerful than ever to me. So enjoy my truths, enjoy my lies, but overall enjoy the fact that we have that communication.

Strout out!


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