So...Do you like...stuff?

(Two points, whoever is first to recognize that line!)


One of the things I'm very excited about (at least as excited as I can be, being sick), is that I remembered the other day that I own a food processor. So I'm planning on making lots of dips in the next few weeks. I am also excited about the process of making my own mushy peas to have with fish & chips, because for some reason all the canned mushy peas I've been buying lately are more like solid peas in lots of green water. So I'm going to give the food processor a go.

But the thing I'm really excited about it, I'm getting a new website. And some other stuff.

Long story short, I found out an old friend of mine now runs a graphic design shop called Ironforge Press. And they do websites and flyers and posters and all kinds of merchandise, which is awesome (and look what a great job they do! That is fantastic work, isn't it?)

So. We're looking at sites. We're thinking of logos etc. It's all very exciting.

But it also means I have to start thinking of where I want these things to go. Is it worth it to design t-shirts? I can give some away, but would people buy them? What about those carrier bags? Calendars? Notecards? Bookmarks? Buttons? Magnets? Stickers? Patches?

I know I'm definitely going to do some temporary tattoos, because tattoos are a big part of the Unholy Ghosts world. So that's a no-brainer, pretty much, to give those away at RT or whatever.

But what about other stuff? Is it worth it?

What kinds of gifts/merchandise do you guys like? What would you look at or buy and what would you think is lame? What would make you feel like part of a cool group of people who love (hopefully) a book, and what would just be dorky and lame? What would you look at and think "Wow, those are awesome" and what would make you think, "Geez, full of yourself much?"


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