Time for a little seasoning

I tend to set my books in an almost eternal Fall, because it's my favorite season for many a reason.

First of all, there's logistics. Simon wears either a suede or leather Angel-length coat at most times to hide the retractable bat at his belt... also, he likes Angel. The idea of him wearing it in the high heat of summer stewing in his own sweat frankly skeeves me out, so I always like to think there's a little chill in the air. Odd that that skeeves me out when you consider he's often covered in ectoplasm, zombie bits or blood....

Second, the Fall gets dark earlier once time changes over I love that... it gives more time for the creepy crawlies of the Big Apple to come out.

And third, for me anyway, Fall has always been when exciting things happen . It always harkened the beginning of school, new faces, the beginning of a new year of theater in school... it was also the time I tended to fall in love.

What seasons do you love? What time of year do you tend to set your stories?


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