Gah! Invasion of the Living Kids!

Seriously, guys... I rolled right out of DragonCon weekend and into my seven year old's many birthday celebrations... the school party, the family party, and then... the slumber party. Our first slumber party. I barely escaped with my sanity, much less my life. I returned after a hard day of corporate stooging and THEY had already invaded. Okay. Okay, I admit it. The sleepover actually went very well. There was pizza (although what it is with small children and wanting nothing but cheese on their pizza, I'll never understand) and my wife had even ordered some of the kind *I* like. Black olives. Mushrooms. Sausage. Yum! My wife loves me.

Then, there was much Wii-ing. Mario Kart was the game of choice though there was a certain amount of Mario Party 8 to be played as well, and despite what I like to refer to as a standard level of "No Fairing" the children were very well behaved. As the evening came to an end and pajamas were donned, my wife covered the dining room table with sheets to make a tent, and they crawled under there with flashlights and told each other ghost stories before the almighty brushing of the teeth and then... the movie.

I have to say that I was afraid of the movie. I was, after all, the primary night duty parent. I always am. Only this time, I couldn't retreat to my office. No, I had to be on the case... in the room... like the whole time. Just in case. Would my sanity be able to withstand such a thing? Would we watch Dora? Diego? Would I be subjected to episode after episode of Backyardigans or Handy Manny? Absolutely not. The movie of choice?

All the kids unanimously chose:

Star Wars.

"Episode One?" I asked with trepidation.
"Episode Four," the kids answered.

It was like walking into a movie theater expecting to have to watch Star Trek IV (the one with the whales) and getting The Wrath of Khan, or opening your chemistry book to find that the text has been replaced with Night Life and Pure Blood by Caitlin Kittredge.

Star Wars... Oh... The horror. ;)

Only one kid managed to stay awake through the entire DVD and after it was over, did he complain?

"Mr. Jeremy," he said, "I think I'll go on to sleep now. I have soccer tomorrow."

What good kids.

In the morning, it was homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, more Mario Kart and Mario Party 8, and then they vanished with "sir"s and "ma'am"s and "thank you"s. What? No sympathy? Heh. Actually, you're right. It was a really fun night. I also got a heads up from my editor that the manuscript for book two has been officially accepted. What a cool beginning to the weekend!

How's yours?


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