Hope for all Inhu-mankind

As I'm sure most of you were aware, HBO's True Blood debuted last night, the Alan Ball series based on the Sookie Stackhouse books by my homegirl Charlaine Harris.

I was nervous waiting for it to air these past few months. Why? Because I'm selfish. Its success or failure really made me wonder if Dead To Me might ever find a television or movie home of its own. A victory for True Blood is a victory for all of us who dabble in things that go bump in the night. And if it's a big HBO success, there's an even larger stamp of social success for our genre that lends greater legitimacy.

Now don't get me wrong. I love our niche, our loyalists to the urban fantasy genre, but I'd love to see it grow beyond what it is, the way Harry Potter or the LOTR's movies brought fantasy to the greater masses. Not just because I want to be filthy rich. That would be just a side benefit...

So what did I think about True Blood? I liked it... a lot. I think it captured the feel of the book series, and much of the first episode covered the opening of the first book in it. I know some people out there won't be happy- it didn't fit what was in their head, but you're never going to please everyone. All readers fill in so many blanks when they read you couldn't possibly capture everything that every one would want. No film or show is capable of acheiving that, but setting aside my own ideas of what I thought everything would look like, I'm quite happy with the start to the series. I'm curious to see how it develops further down the road.

Thoughts on it?
And I'm going to declare this a SPOILER HEAVY zone so don't click on the comments if you want to keep away from them... and if you did click, too damn bad.


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