So I Hear You're Looking for a Book...

I've been a total slacker about keeping up with book reviews on my regular blog. Let me reitterate: Total. Fucking. Slacker.

I thought I'd take this Wednesday to do a catch up and give you some brief impressions and recommendations for some of the awesome books I've read recently.

First up...

Michele Bardsley's I'm The Vampire, That's Why really sucked me in (so to speak, and pardon the pun--count your blessings, I could have gone with "off"). The author's take on a small town being overrun with vampires was engrossing and inspired. She certainly got a few spit takes out of this dirty-minded reader--and you know that's actually pretty hard to do, me being such a jaded and cynical fucker. If the opening three chapters of I'm the Vampire don't leave you breathless for more, you're deader than the title character...Inspired stuff and funny as hell. I'm going to be hunting her down for an interview soon. Do you hear me Bardsley?!?!


Michelle Maddox may have escaped my, some might say, eccentric hospitality but her book certainly didn't. One part Running Man (the book not the dance), one part The Fury (that's a John Farris shout out, yo) with a healthy dose of Stockholm Syndrome thrown in for good measure, Countdown works on every level. It's an adrenaline shot right through the rib-cage with just enough of the sexiness to keep things greased up (not that I was holding anything but the book, mind you--dirty perverts). Pick it up, now.


I took Jeanne Stein's The Becoming with me on the famous ghost hunting weekend and ended up turning driving duties over to Caroline to devour the debut novel in the Anna Strong series, cuz it's that fucking good. Bounty hunter turned vampire, Anna, is as smart and sassy a heroine as you're likely to find. Unpredictable and sexy, The Becoming delivered the kind of hot vampire action I didn't know I was missing. You know what else? Jeanne's my next You'll want to check back for that one fo' sho'.

So that's about it.

But one more thing, Road Trip of the Living Dead got it's preorder page at Amazon yesterday. Just in time for Christmas shopping (oh yeah, I've already seen decorations making their way to store displays, be afraid, very afraid).

How 'bout you read any good books, lately?


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